Meet Info

LATEST UPDATE (as at 6.14.20)

Barring a dramatic uptick in Covid-19 cases in Nashville, and/or the city not being in Phase III as the meet approaches, the 18th annual Music City Distance Carnival will take place in Nashville on  Saturday August 15th, 2020.

Meet management  have been in constant dialog with USATF, coaches, agents, and other pro meet directors. It has taken a lot of work, but MCDC will be USATF-sanctioned and insured, and the meet will take numerous precautions as they related to Covid-19, and these are outlined below.

All athletes, and meet crew that will come into contact with athletes (and need access to the track) must be tested the week of the event (test conducted Sunday 8/9-Friday 8/14) .  There will be a Tiered credential system in place that will limit access to various zones of the track facility. Anyone needing a Tier 1 credential will have to have had a negative Covid-19 test the week of the meet.

We are strongly encouraging Coaches and agents to collect such evidence on their athletes’ behalf in an effort to ease this process. The clerks at the check-in area will have a list of athletes who have already provided negative test data. If such data has not already been communicated to meet management, it will need to be presented to the clerks before you are checked in and your bib number given out.


The meet will be spectator-free. However, each athlete may bring their coach and/or family member. These individuals – categorized as “Athlete Support” – will be restricted to the main grandstand.


Event field sizes will be limited based on USATF directives (as things stand right now, we are limited to 10 people on the track at the same time). We will also only allow one heat on the track at a time, and wait for all participants to exit before bringing on the next event. Athletes will be escorted on to the track by an official and enter the track near the 100m start. Upon the completion of their race, they will be escorted off the track near the finish line. Naturally, this procedure will require more heats and a slightly more spacing between heats.


We will have two separate entrances to the meet. One for Tier 1 personnel (athletes, key officials/meet management), and one for Tier 2 and Tier 3 folks. We will take everyone’s temperatures upon entry using forehead scan thermometers.

Tier 1 (Athletes/Key officials/meet management): Covid-19 test mandatory.
Event staff and officials will be required to wear face masks during the event. Officials who will come into closer contact with athletes will wear medical gloves.

Athletes will be asked to wear face masks when in the competition facility but not while warming-up, competing, or cooling-down. They will have a separate zone from which to spectate before/after their race. Tier 1 personnel will also have separate bathrooms from anyone else.

Tier 2: Media (Non-key meet management, Livestream crew and Photographers) – Covid-19 test encouraged but not mandated. Facemarks to be worn at all times. Approved Photographers will have infield access, but must stay at least 6′ from the inside rail.

Tier 3: Athlete Support (Coaches/Parents (of HS runners) – Covid-19 test encourage but not required. Limited to main grandstand in home stretch. Facemarks to be worn at all times. Credentials must be visible at all times when moving from one zone of the facility to another or if reentering the facility after exiting.Sanitation stations will be set up around the facility. We will also have staff cleaning any common areas before, during, and after competition.


Most athletes attending will be traveling from within the eastern United States, and, if feasible, athletes are encouraged to travel by road, rather than by air.

Any athletes traveling to the meet from Canada are advised to work with their agents to be fully aware of any travel restrictions that apply to them.


Teams/Groups traveling to the meet together will be assigned designated areas in the warm-up zone and around the stadium.

When watching the races, you are requested to sit at least 6′ away from anyone not living in your household.


My goal is to deliver the high quality, fun, entertaining meet that you have come to expect. But I need your cooperation. Anyone not respective the safety measures put in pace is subject to removal from the facility.

My hope is that we will emerge from this crisis as a kinder, more caring, more generous, and, yes, more connected community and that track meets like MCDC can be a platform for this.

I will post updates on this site as things develop, and on the meet’s Instagram and Twitter handles – both are @RunMCDC

Dave Milner, Meet Director

Music City Distance Carnival

The Music City Distance Carnival is the most exciting running event in Tennessee. This is the 18th year and we are happy to be able to bring you a meet despite the challenges presented by Covid-19. We expect to have very strong pro fields (with several Olympians and U.S Champions already committed), a top-notch High School 3200m race, and a high quality Masters Mile Race. We are reviewing the possibility of adding some “Open" races. Unfortunately, this year the meet will be spectator-free except, but will be streamed live on a platform yet to be confirmed.