What events are offered?

We are only offering the Invitational Section races. These are as follows (races offered for both genders unless otherwise stated):

Post-Collegiate/Pro: 800m, 1500m, 1 mile (M only), 3000m, 5000m
High School: 3200m
Masters (40-64): 1 mile

Entry standards are as follows:

Pro: 800m – 1:50.00/2:09.00, 1500m – 3:48.25/4:27.00, 1 Mile – 4:02.50, 3000m – 8:10.00/9:30.00,  5000m – 14:23.00/17:10.00

HS: 3200 – 9:36.00/11:25.00

Masters: Mile – 5:15.00/6:10.00

The meet will be capped at a total of 250 participants across all events. Once 250 athletes have signed up, registration will be closed.

Is there a registration fee?

Yes the entry fee is $40.00. Click here to go the registration site at raceroster.com

Entries closed at 11:00pm CT on Saturday August 8th.

Will the meet be USATF-sanctioned? 

Yes, and as such there are a lot of medical directives, as they pertain to Covid-19 and ensuring everyone’s safety, must be adhered to. These will be outlined below and on a separate Covid-19 page here. Many professional runners are planning to use this meet to attempt to qualify for the 2021 U.S Olympic Trials. One of the conditions of the sanction for events that are considered “Medium Risk” (like distance races of 800m or longer not run entirely in lanes) is that all athletes (except those in the HS 3200) have to two negative tests prior to the meet.

Will I need to have a Covid-19 test in order to compete?

Pro/Post Collegiate Athletes: will  actually need to have TWO negative Covid-19 tests, 24 hours apart, in the 7 days prior to the meet. We recommend that you have results in hand before traveling to the meet. This includes the Masters Mile (since several runners are seeking a potential U.S. record).

With current technology, this means PCR testing.  This would not include serology (antibody) testing which only confirms the presence of antibodies (IgG) and does not confirm current infection (IgM). The finger prick rapid tests found here are not acceptable.

This is a requirement set forth by USATF. More information here

Since the USATF sanction does not apply to them, High School runners competing in the 3200 will not be required to have 2 negative covid tests, but are requested to get at least one test in the 10 days preceding the meet, and are strongly urged to get a second test 24 hours apart from the first. The High School 3200s will “book end” the sanctioned portion of the meet or all 4 heats will take place after the sanctioned portion. You will be contacted on this separately.


What if I can’t get tested where I live?

Consider trying to get tested in adjacent counties where testing might be in greater supply and less demand.

What if I can’t get results in time?

Please don’t travel to the meet unless you either have your results or you have a guarantee from the testing center that you will have your results by Saturday August 15th.

How do we get the results to meet management?

You will be emailed on Sunday August 9th with instructions on how to get us the results. At the check-in area for the meet we will have all received (and yet to be received) Covid-19 test data.

What if I don’t have my second test result by the time I arrive at the meet?

Then you will not be given your bib number and not allowed to run. No exceptions.

I am racing in Memphis at the Ed Murphey Classic meet the week following MCDC? Can I get tested in Nashville for that meet?

Yes, there are many testing sites in Nashville and most testing sites are delivering results in 72 hours right now. These locations will be listed below in the next 24 hours.

Are Spectators allowed?

No, the meet is not open to the public. The only people allowed in will be athletes and “Athlete Support” personnel (see below)

Can athletes bring anyone to the meet with them?

The meet is not open to the public, but athletes can have  “Athlete Support” personnel accompany them. These individuals can be a coach, agent, or family member(s). Each registered athlete will be emailed on Sunday August 9th (after entries have closed) and will be offered the chance to designate up to two Athlete Support persons who will be on a list of pre-approved individuals that will be allowed into the facility. These individuals will not, however, be allowed into the warm-up or clerking areas and will be restricted to the main grandstand. We are requesting that athletes list no more than two people as “athlete support”. These individuals should sit at least 6 feet apart from anyone not residing in the same household. We understand that in, some cases, families may have to travel together and will consider exceptions to this rule.

You will be emailed on Sunday August 9th and asked to provide names for any “Athlete Support” individuals.


There will be separate entries to the track for the Athletes and Athlete Support individuals. Everyone must wear a mask upon arrival at the facility and once inside. Every single person will have their temperature checked using a forehead Thermogun, have a symptom survey, and be required to sign a waiver. Anyone recording a temperature of over 100˚ and/or exhibiting symptoms of Covid will not be permitted entry.  There will be no exceptions to the above safety guidelines.

The meet crew performing the above checks will be wearing masks.

Sanitization stations will be around the facility and at entry/exit areas.

Nobody will be allowed on the track except for athletes competing in the upcoming/current race. Not only does that mean no spectators/fans on the track; it also means coaches and agents.

The only individuals on the track will be key officials and athletes in the upcoming/current race. Athletes will be allowed on to the track approximately 7 minutes before their heat and be able to do strides, etc.

Athletes in the next race will be escorted by an official ON to the track, once the previous race has completed and the athletes in that race are escorted OFF the track by an official.

Nobody – except athletes in the upcoming race, key officials, and pre-approved media – will be allowed on the infield at any point during the meet under any circumstances.

So that we can stagger arrivals and avoid congestion at entry and in the clerking and warm-up areas, competing athletes are asked not to arrive at the facility more than 90 minutes before their event. Upon completion of their race (and/or cool-down) athletes are asked to watch the meet from the seating on the back stretch in an effort to keep Covid-tested athletes away from individuals who have not been tested.

All Athlete Support personnel and individuals watching the meet from the main grandstand will be required to wear a mask at all times during the meet (unless eating or drinking). If I see individuals not wearing a mask in the stands, they will be requested to replace their mask or leave the facility. I will hold up a race if I have to. I really don’t care about your political leanings or your view on how much mask-wearing reduces the transmission of Covid-19.

Thanks for your continued patience as I navigate this process to ensure the safest possible competition environment for all.

Dave Milner
Meet Director


Please use the form on the contact page for any additional questions.

Music City Distance Carnival

The Music City Distance Carnival is the most exciting running event in Tennessee. This is the 18th year and we are happy to be able to bring you a meet despite the challenges presented by Covid-19. We expect to have very strong pro fields (with several Olympians and U.S Champions already committed), a top-notch High School 3200m race, and a high quality Masters Mile Race. We are reviewing the possibility of adding some “Open" races. Unfortunately, this year the meet will be spectator-free except, but will be streamed live on a platform yet to be confirmed.