The 18th annual Music City Distance Carnival is still scheduled for Saturday August 15th, 2020. Event organizers have been in constant dialog with coaches, agents, other event directors, and USA Track & Field to ensure the proper safety guidelines are in place for athletes, coaches, officials, and event organizers.  Please see planned safety precautions below that will be taken before and during the event.

Here are the current COVID-19 precautions event organizers will take to keep athletes, coaches, officials, and staff safe


PRE-TESTING: Middle-distance athletes are considered “moderate” risk individuals while coaches, staff, and officials are considered “low” risk individuals. Athletes will need to complete and test negative on two (2) separate COVID-19 tests, performed at least 24hrs apart, and the first test must be done within seven (7) days of the competition (i.e. August 8th). Athletes must present proof of negative test at the competition before they will be allowed to compete. Athletes and agents will be responsible for setting up their tests and providing documentation.

Athletes will have to get tested in their city of residence prior to traveling to Nashville. Testing will also be offered in Nashville according to USATF guidelines. However, given the (typical) 36-hour delay to receive test results here in Nashville, athletes will have to be here at least 48-72 hrs before the event to ensure test results are received on time before the competition.

TRAVEL: Athletes traveling to the event will need to work with their agents to follow any travel restrictions if coming from abroad or from states that have strict travel guidelines. We highly encourage ground travel and travel with team/group members, if possible. Please follow all the CDC guidelines while traveling to, and once you arrive, in Tennessee. This includes wearing masks in any public space you may enter. Please take precautions anywhere else you may go and limit any food purchases, besides groceries, to curbside pick-up or delivery only.

PRACTICE SCHEDULE: The track hosting the meet is unlikely to be available the day before the meet. There are at least two tracks that are open to the public. These are listed below:

E.S. Rose Park
Hillwood High School


EVENT SIZE AND SCHEDULE: Event heat/preliminary round sizes for events will be decided based on state and county guidelines. We will also only allow one event on the track at a time and wait for all participants to exit the track before bringing on the next event. This will require a more spaced out event schedule and opposing exit/entrance for competitors.

FACILITY ENTRY: We will have a strictly controlled entrance to the facility with – three tiers of credentialing – for  athletes and their pre-approved athlete support personnel (coaches, agents, or family). We will take temperatures upon entry into the facility. There will be separate entry and exit gates to the facility. In accordance with CDC guidelines, anyone with a temperature of 100.4˚F or greater will not be allowed inside the stadium. This includes athletes, who will then not be allowed to compete.  Also, in order to enter the facility, all athletes, coaches, staff, and personnel must either bring with them, or fill out at the entrance, this one-page survey. and this waiver.

FACE MASKS: Event staff and officials will be required to wear face masks during the event. Athletes will be asked to wear face masks when in the competition facility but not while warming-up, competing, or cooling-down. All coaches, agents and personnel not competing will be expected to wear masks to enter the stadium and while inside the facility.

SANITATION STATIONS: We will set up sanitation stations at the entrance, in warm-up areas, and at the access point to the seating.

SOCIAL DISTANCING: Teams/Groups traveling to the meet together will be asked to warm up and set up camps only with each other. The only time athletes will be in close proximity to those they did not travel with will be during the pre-race call and the race itself. Depending on Davidson County guidelines at the time of the event, there may be a specific limit of people in the facility at one time. Therefore, heat/preliminary round sizes will depend on these guidelines.

SPECTATORS: A very limited number of pre-approved spectators will be allowed in the facility, in accordance with Davidson County safety guidelines. This event will NOT be open to the public.

DISCLAIMER: It is important to understand that despite all the above safety precautions and guidelines, it is still possible to become infected while competing and/or traveling for this event.

Music City Distance Carnival

The Music City Distance Carnival is the most exciting running event in Tennessee. This is the 18th year and we are happy to be able to bring you a meet despite the challenges presented by Covid-19. We expect to have very strong pro fields (with several Olympians and U.S Champions already committed), a top-notch High School 3200m race, and a high quality Masters Mile Race. We are reviewing the possibility of adding some “Open" races. Unfortunately, this year the meet will be spectator-free except, but will be streamed live on a platform yet to be confirmed.