Coronavirus Update:

These are tough times for all of us. Everyone is struggling, if not financially then emotionally.

While the 18th annual Music City Distance Carnival has not been officially postponed yet, I am not optimistic about being able to stage the meet on May 29-30, 2020, as originally scheduled. If everyone commits to the CDC’s recommendations and practices social distancing, hopefully we can have a domestic track season in the second half of this summer.

No one knows how things is going to play out, and if the curve will flatten out in a matter of weeks, or months, but please do your part.
I hope that you will continue to stay motivated and continue training, but do so responsibly. You may have lost the privilege of competing temporarily, but you still have the opportunity to get out there for your daily run. Don’t jeopardize that privilege for everyone.

I am in regular dialog with other meet directors and USATF personnel. My goal is to deliver the high quality, fun, entertaining meet that you have come to expect on the earliest date that I can safely do so, to be as inclusive as possible with regard to high school and collegiate runners.

My hope is that we will emerge from this crisis as a kinder, more caring, more generous, and, yes, more connected community and that track meets like MCDC can be a platform for this.

I will post updates on this site as things develop, and on the meet’s Instagram and Twitter handles – both are @RunMCDC

Dave Milner, Meet Director

Music City Distance Carnival

The Music City Distance Carnival is the most exciting running event in Tennessee. This is the 18th year and we have a taken it up a notch with an increased prize purse. However, this meet is for all ages and abilities with races for kids, masters, high schoolers, college students, and post-collegiate/pro runners alike.